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Cougar Academy offers students rigorous on-line courses in a blended learning environment. Cougar Academy allows for web-based instruction as well as direct teacher instruction in our blended online learning center. The blended setting provides resources and supports of a traditional school while learning at your own pace at home or on-site. Our learning environment offers a specialized learning plan with targeted one-on-one instruction, foundational skills development, an individualized learning path, and content teacher interaction. Each one of these supports provides the students with the tools necessary to graduate and be college and career ready.

We want to ensure there is a bridge between traditional school instruction and cyber learning. We provide orientation to our software program, how to be an independent learner, and study skills. We model for students how to use online resources, how to be responsible for computer hardware, and digitally responsible. Most importantly we provide one-on-one targeted interventions to bridge any gaps in previous instructional settings through teacher interaction, supplemental resources, and communication. Our three-tiered system offers a gradual release of independence so that students are able to work at their own pace, all the while matriculating towards graduation in a timely manner.

Cougar Academy Mission:
Cougar Academy uses technology, project-based learning, and high impact strategies to create a personalized educational program for learners who express a desire or demonstrate a need for a nontraditional, flexible educational setting. 

Cougar Academy Vision:
Cougar Academy instructs students on their individual learning paths with direct instruction and supplemental interactive technology and resources that promote achievement and higher order thinking skills. 


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