Cougar Academy Student Application

Cougar Academy Student Application

All applicants must complete the online application below. If you need assistance, please call 717-703-4325. After submission and review, you will be contacted in regards to your application.

1. Student Last Name

2. Student First Name

3. Parent/Guardian Name

4. Street Address

5. Zip Code

6. Home Phone Number

7. Cell Phone Number

8. Parent/Guardian Email
If you have no email account, free accounts can be acquired from

9. Student Email

10. Are you currently enrolled in school?

Yes        No

11. Current School

12. Current Grade

13. Reason for attending Cougar Academy

Alternative Educational Setting

Need Courses to graduate

Alternatives to dropout

Returning from cyber charter school

Other, please specify

14. Have you ever attended cyber school?

Yes        No

15. If yes, which school(s)?

16. If yes, please list years of attendance.

17. Please answer the following question in brief essay form:

Why is learning online the best choice for me?